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St. Francois County Community Partnership is a public non-profit organization working with the Family and Community Trust to bring systems reform to our county. We desire to improve the use of local resources as well as improve the well-being of children and families in St. Francois County.

Our Mission

St. Francois County Community Partnership's mission is to build, nurture, and strengthen families, insuring that every person has the opportunity to become a healthy, productive, and contributing member of the community.

Our Goals

  • Parents Working

  • Healthy Children and Families

  • Children and Families Safe in Homes and Communities

  • Children Prepared to Enter School

  • Children and Youth Succeeding in School

  • Youth Ready to Enter Adulthood

Board of Directors

The SFCCP Board of Directors has twenty-four members.  Twelve members are appointed local representatives of state agencies and the remaining twelve are elected from the community.  The Partnership's Executive Director serves as a non-voting member of the Board.

Board of Directors meetings are held the second Wednesday of every month at noon at the St. Francois County Weber Road Facility, in training room #102, located at 1101 Weber Rd., Farmington, Missouri.  All meetings are open to the public.  



Current office hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

We are closed for all Federal and Missouri State holidays.

Office number: 573-760-0212 or 573-431-3173

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