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Season Of Hope 24

Since 1999 St. Francois County Community Partnership has coordinated a county-wide effort to provide all the children of St. Francois County with a joyous holiday season.  Last year 1,135 children in St. Francois County were given a much brighter season because of the donations and efforts from this community.  Over the years it has been an incredible journey as friends and neighbors from every community have worked together to serve low-income families.  Many people have given generously to provide children with warm clothing, toys and gifts.  More importantly, this spirit of giving has provided HOPE.  Hope that tomorrow will be better.  Hope that our children’s lives will be rich and rewarding.  We invite you to join with us in support of  “Season of Hope.”  

Our goal with the Season of Hope program is to bring a child in need a joyous Holiday Season.  Your monetary donation can certainly help bring a specila smile to a child that may otherwise do without this joy.  To sponsor a child, you can send your monetary donation to St. Francois County Community Partnership, 1101 Weber Road, Suite 202, Farmington, MO  63640 or us the link provided to donate via credit or debit card.  Any amount is welcome and greatly appreciated.  

Introducing Barney Blizzard!  


Our goal for the Season of Hope 2024 is to raise $100,000!  To help us keep track of our goal, Barney Blizzard is looking for snow balls this year.  With each increase in donations of $100 he gets a another snowball added.  When he has found 1,000 snowballs, he will get a hat and scarf.  

Let's help Barney Blizzard get a new hat and scarf by December!  

Stay tuned for the many adventures Barney will be going on as he looks for snowballs throughout the year!  

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